Best Music Player for Android

Music Player app lets you listen to music on your phone quickly and easily. This mp3 player app is one of the best music apps and the best music player for android with beautiful designs. You can customize the music player with different themes and colors.

This free mp3 player app allows you to play all music at the same screen. Unlike other music players where you need to move back and forth to select a different song to play.


This android music player app supports
– All audio files, mp3 music player, midi, wav, flac raw aac files and other audio formats.
– Set any song to ringtone
– Control the sound of the songs with a power 5 band equalizer.
– Play music with support for bass effect
– Play, Next or Previous playback on the same screen
– Music player theme selections
– Support for music playlist
– Save user settings such as the shuffle on and off
– Option to filter out short clips and remembers your setting
– Lock screen control, control music player even when your screen is locked.
– Sort music by title, duration, artist, album, year and date added

Listen to music and songs with the most elegant and beautiful and free music player for android.
Search Music – Search for your songs quickly
Play music by song, artist, album or playlist
Easy navigation – One touch to navigate in your audio player between music playlist, artist, songs, and settings
Music Playlist – Build and edit your songs into playlists
Music shuffle – Shuffle your music
Notification control – Control music from notifications.
MP3 Music Player
Create Playlists and Save them

This is one of the best android music player app that you can try for free and the only audio player you will need. Thank you for trying out this audio player. Please note this is not an online music player, and it does not download music from the internet. You can only play music and songs that are stored on your phone and SD card. If you are looking for a music download app, this is not the app for you. If you already have songs on your phone, start listen to music now.

This android music player app is highly customizable. You can change the background, theme, and color. Album art has been added to this music player and you have the option to hide it if you don’t like album arts.

This is one of the best music player for android that you can use for free.